Metal Kai Mania 5
  1. Metal Sonic Kai (Mania) Can Also Be Called Phantom Metal Sonic. After The Second Phase Of The Fight On Stardust Speedway Metal Is Handed The Phantom Ruby By Eggman
  2. Metal Becomes A Monster Resembling Metal Sonic Kai From Knuckles Chaotix. He Flies Into The Stardust Speedway Like Eggman Did The Death Egg In Sonic 3 (Bad Ending) .
  3. Metal Sonic Fights Using Eggman Bombs (From The Hydrocity Fight) , A Huge Laser , And As Stated Before , Flying Into The Stardust Speedway.
  4. After You Spin Into The Ruby And Defeat Metal His New Form Turns Pink And Shatters While He Does His Dying Animation. After You See This The Ruby Is Just There But Then A Green Spinning Badnik Comes And Makes It Fly Away Probably To Eggman.
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